“You understood my situation”

Welcome to COVIDSpeakEasy

We offer free online support groups for anyone who has lost their life-partner or spouse due to COVID-19. We understand how difficult things are for you from first hand experience

Set up in 2020, COVIDSpeakEasys are free, safe, confidential, professionally-led online support groups for COVID bereaved life-partners to share their experiences, grief and concerns about life after their partner's death. This includes those who lost their partners through a COVID related suicide. 
We have been featured in the Guardian newspaper,  the Independent and on CNN news. Here's our profile on welldoing.org.  We also run international SpeakEasys.

SpeakEasy was initiated by Edwina Fitzpatrick, whose normally healthy partner of 21 years died from Covid-19 in March 2020. It was three days before the UK lockdown started. Most people had no idea what to say to her. There was a vacuum. She also realised that Covid-related bereavements create unparalleled levels of shock, grief and trauma.
The separation from your loved one is extraordinarily difficult at any time, but COVID makes things both difficult and bewildering. It is compacted grief. You are can’t visit them. The death is sudden and often unexpected – so shock is involved. You may well have had Covid yourself, being ill and self-isolating at the time of their death. You can’t have the usual gatherings to mark their life and give them an appropriate send off. You not only miss your darling’s physical demonstrations of love, but also the hugs and physical interaction that comes with their funeral/life celebration.

If you relate to any of this, the COVIDSpeakEasy Zoom groups really do help. Here's how you join us. 

“The SpeakEasy became  the focal point of the week”