“It helped me realise that I was not just bereaved but had suffered trauma.

That helped me to understand how I could start to cope…”

The six-week online COVIDSpeakEasy meetings are entirely free. The 55-minute long SpeakEasys  involve a maximum of 12 people. They take place weekly at the  same time and day over six consecutive weeks.


SpeakEasys  are not designed to replace 1:1 counselling or therapy. They are for mutual support and conversations between people at varying stages of COVID specific bereavement. They create a collective conversational space, where you have no need to filter your grief in front of other people.

We meet on Zoom, so you will need to access WiFi in a quiet private space in order to take part. They are lightly led by a BACP*  registered counsellor, who will ensure that they are safe spaces for everyone. The counselling team are paid at standard UK rates for doing this. 


After these six sessions, each group will self-sustain and moderate themselves according to what works for them. Some groups may not work out. Some will flourish. But at least you will have be able to fully voice your grief and share your experiences of this profoundly difficult time with others who can directly relate to you. You can sign up here. 

If you have questions or would like to let others know about the SpeakEasys please contact us here. 

* British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

“I realised that it’s about us rather than me… I thought about the rest of the group over Christmas… We were in this together"